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Throughout 2024 I will be hosting a series of Natural Ink making workshops throughout Scotland. Natural Inks are art materials derived from plant and vegetable extracts. 

The goal of  my studio and my practice is to have as little impact on the environment at possible - which includes eliminating toxins/chemical run off when I wash my brushes. Natural Inks are a fantastic eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to petroleum based inks. 

Snacks and refreshments are provided so please state any allergies beforehand in the booking form. It is worth looking for parking in advance or to do your bit for the planet why not use public transport  :)

I look forward to having you at the course!

L x 

natural ink workshop.jpg

September 2023 - Natural Ink Making Workshop

Saturday 14th September 10am-3pm

WASPS South Block (-3min walk from the Briggait), G1 5HZ

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