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"Goldfinch" - part of Homemade Natural Ink Series


- Original artwork

- Framed & Mounted

- 24cm x 19cm x 2cm.



This series was created using Homemade Natural Inks, made from leaves of Hawthorn, Aspen, Sycamore, Acer and Eucalyptus trees to name a few. I attended a workshop at the Moray Art Centre in Findhorn to learn the process and have been making and experimenting with my own inks since from locally sourced materials or leftovers from when I worked as a contract Gardener in the summer of 2023.


Natural Inks can be derived from plants, fruit/vegetables and barks. They are a beautiful, softer, non-toxic alternative to store bought petroleum-based inks and they do not contribute to air or water pollution in the same way as factory-produced Art Materials. Taking the time to forage for my own materials has helped with feeling more connected to the surroundings here.


It is worth noting the appearance of Natural Inks can shift over time with exposure to Oxygen and Sunlight in intensity, however I personally find this not to be a negative quality, rather than just as the annual seasons, these works change over time.

"Goldfinch" part of the Homemade Natural Series

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